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What is MILWAUKEE SCIENCE FICTION SERVICES?  At the present time, it is a small, ragged band of desperate renegades, engaged in a rear-guard action against the forces of fatigue, apathy, division, and stress to maintain a link between Milwaukee Area science fiction and fantasy fans and the Universe at large.

MILWAUKEE SCIENCE FICTION SERVICES is the last feeble effort of the Evil Secret Masters of Fandom to maintain their reign of terror and mind control over the citizens of Southeastern Wisconsin.

MILWAUKEE SCIENCE FICTION SERVICES is the pointless maundering of some unknown and marginally talented dilletants.

MILWAUKEE SCIENCE FICTION SERVICES  is the last, best hope for--oh, you know the drill.

WHAT WE HOPE TO BECOME:  We hope that this web site will become a portal both to and from the many active, creative people who make up the diffuse and disparate Milwaukee Fan Community. The truth is in Here--somewhere.

WHAT WE PLAN: We want to make this web site both a museum and a forum.  We hope, with permission, to archive here the best of Milwaukee fan writing, comment, and fiction from the pages of MSFire and MILWAPA.  We hope to make available images and video of fan activities, past, present and future.  We  will make this page a portal to as many things of fannish interest on the internet as are practicable. We hope to inspire content and comment from all.

If you would like to propose content for this site, please contact Editor Gregory G. H. Rihn at


Milwaukee Amatur Press Association (MILWAPA) publishes twelve distributions of member-produced and gathered personal natter and comment with a generallly fannish bias, and will have passed its 275th distribution by December 2007. For information, contact Gregory G. Rihn at

Social Nights are held every Friday night at "Lytheria", 2705 N Shepard Ave, Milwaukee. All are welcome. For further information, e-mail TBA

Filksings are held at various Milwaukee fan residences monthly, including occasional house concerts. For info, or to be added to the filk mailing list, e-mail TBA

At least one group role-plays on a semi-regular basis. For information about some current games, e-mail TBA

Debbie Schamber has maintained an earlier version of this site, which has many useful links, particularly for SF television. Her site can be viewed  here:

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CHALLENGER-SAVAGE-BANZAI LTD. is the development enterprise of Gregory G.H. Rihn, Prop.


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