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Milwaukee SFS Humour Archives


These are the start of a to-be expanded archive of Milwaukee Fandom's humorous writings, collected from past Opening Ceremonies skits from X-Con, First Contact, and WisCon, and the pages of Milwapa and other zines.

1. The Adventures of the Mercenary Imp.
    The Mercenary Imp (or M.I.) is the familiar spirit of every boulevard soldier, Soldier-ofFortune wannabe, and gun-bunny roleplayer. Believed to be the offspring of a Red Cap (a particularly bloodthirsty fairy) and a gremlin, he is the brainchild of Greg "Animal" Nowak, was given visual form by artist Georgie Schnobrich, and is periodically channeled by Greg Rihn.
 A Imp in the Garden  An Imp In the Garden

2. The Clans of Fandom. Are you a ,member of one of the Septs of Clan McFan? Find out your allegiance, badges and kilt setts here!     The Clans of Fandom

3. Space Babe is the unofficial feminist mascot of the WisCon Science Fiction Convention in Madison, WI. She made her first stage appearance in 2002, in   Spacebabe vs. the Menace of Moroni-3

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